Search Engine Optimisation.

Boost your organic search result ranking with a perfectly optimised website.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of obtaining a higher position in the Google organic search results. These are the results that you see underneath the paid adverts. This is done by improving your site to increase its visibility for relevant searches.

How it Works

When someone performs a search, the search engines scour their indexes for highly relevant content then orders these in hopes of solving the searchers query. The higher a website ranks in this search, the more relevant the search engines believes their content is the the query.

"Crawling" is a discovery process where Google send out a team of robots (also know as spiders or crawlers) to find new content. The exist to discover, understand and organise the internets content to offer relevant results to searchers. So when your content is fresh and up-to-date, your website will have a better chance of ranking higher.

This is done by placing keywords and phrases in your sites content or headings to make it possible to find your site via search engines. It may also involve changes to your sites layout and design.

You need to know how people are searching for products/services in order to make it easy to find you, or they will be going to your competitors.

Factors that influence your SEO


This huge role in how Google sees your site. Ensure that your content is fresh, relevant, unique, accurate. As well as also being loaded in a logical order, as this also helps your visitors find related content easily.

Mobile friendliness

With over 50% of all internet searches being performed on mobile, you don't want to miss out! Make sure your website is optimised to work on these devices. Google favours mobile friendly sites.

Page Speed & Performance

We all know how quickly we loose interest in a website that is slow to load, ensure that you website remains as fast a possible.


Your website needs to be accessible for everyone. Perhaps they are on a moving train, have poor internet connectivity, can't play loud audio or are using screen-readers.

User Experience

Is your website easy to navigate? If not, you might be loosing out on potential customer. No one wants to spend ages trying to find a page or product.

Technical factors

These include your sitemap, robots file, alt tags, and https certificate, to name a few.

Our Process

1. SEO Audit and Setup


  • A SEO Audit will be performed on your site to identify any issues that are preventing your site from ranking higher on Google.


  • Report on recommended changes required to improve site health
  • Set up of Google Search Console and Google Analytics

2. Keywords and Key Phrases Research


  • We will research and provide a list of relevant keywords and phrases that show Google that you offer what the searchers are looking for


  • Keywords that can be added to yoru current content, or used to create fresh new content

3. User Experience


  • Discover and painpoints within your website structure that could possibly be affecting how visitors use your website.


  • Advise on possible changes to ensure visitors stay on your site

4. Website Updates


  • Action required changes and updates to website
  • These can include image sizes, page descriptions and textual content

5. Monthly Reporting


  • Google Analytics website data
  • SEO Health score
  • Advise on necessary updates / recommendations

We will give our recommendations for all of the above, the keywords and phrases, image alt tags, page descriptions, and possible fresh relevant content ideas to you to be implemented on your site.


We cater to all different kinds of websites and budgets. Our fees are structured on an hourly rate. The amount of hours billed will depend on how much work is required to optimise the site to obtain the client's goal.

The first few months will require more hours due to the research needed to find the best possible keywords for your brand, make changes and monitor the sites activity and rating. Thereafter the monthly hours can be reduced to maintain the sites ranking.

Should there be any redesigns of the site or updating of content that requires SEO assistance, additional hours may be required.

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