Social Media Marketing.

Grown your business, connect with your followers and advertise across networks.


Many people are now using Facebook as a search engine. Instagram is a Facebook product, and you can target both platforms with one advert. Social Media Marketing will boost your brand awareness, and quickly convert a follower, into a customer.

In addition to creating brand awareness, increasing website traffic and creating conversions, social media is a great way to interact with your client base. Find out what they are looking for by creating polls, communicate your brand's ideals and promote events or sales.

How It Works

Paid Social Media Advertising involves the creation and running of ads on Facebook and Instagram as well as optimising your business page.

The difference from the PPC ads on a search engine is that with social media you pay for the ads that are clicked on as well as for the ad being shown in the newsfeed or on the side bar (otherwise known as impressions).

Ads are also shown to people who have previously visited your page, are searching for your particular services or product, or fall into your specific audience category.



We can customise your ads according to your specified locations, time of day to show ads and where your ads are place across social networks.

Budget Control

Set a daily, weekly or monthly budget for your ad spend, we will monitor and adjust campaigns to ensure your budget is not exceeded.

Customer Focused

Your ads will reach the right people at the right time. Turning visitors into customers.

Unique Audience Targeting

Want to only advertise to a certain demographic? We can target searchers based on their age, gender, interests and habits.

Cross Platform

Advertise on Facebook and Instgram from one ad account.


Need to pause a campaign? Make changes to ad copy? These are easily actionable.

Facebook's unique targeting capabilities are far more precise than Google Ads. You are able to target someone by their interests, relationship status, connections, education and even where they work.

For example: If you are recently engaged, you will be seeing a lot of advertising for wedding dresses, caterers and venues, but once you have updated your status to married, these ads will no longer be relevant to you and will not be shown.

This ensures that your budget is not spend showing ads to people who do not fall within your target audience or location.

Our Social Media Marketing Services

The Social Media marketing we offer includes setup of business pages, paid advertising, monitoring and reporting on ads, Facebook and Instagram analytics, as well as page audits.

To obtain a high ad ranking and ensure ad clicks and impressions are relevant, we do the following:

Our Process

1. Planning


  • Initial meeting / briefing.
  • Project discovery
  • Cost estimation
  • Client questionnaire


  • Project brief
  • Service agreement

2. Keyword Research


  • Research what people are searching for and how to get your brand visible.

3. Target Audience Research


  • Discover the best audience possible for your products & services. This includes locations, demographics and interest.

4. Set Up


  • Facebook Business Manager.
  • Facebook Ads Acounts
  • Ad campaigns, ad groups and ads


  • Facebook Business Manager Profile
  • Complete Facebook Ads account including all relevant audience targeting, campaigns, ad groups and ads.

5. Monthly Reporting


  • Facebook Page Insights
  • Facebook / Instagram Ad performance
  • Advise on any recommendations

Page Audits

We also offer a Social Media Page audit, where we will give our recommendations on how to best achieve your business goals through social media.

In the age of Social Media, many people now prefer to make contact with businesses via their Facebook or Instagram page. By keeping your page up to date and posting fresh content, this shows that your business is active and lends credibility to your brand. We can even generate automated responses to frequently asked questions if you are unable to respond to messages at that time.

Pricing Structure

We cater to all different kinds of websites and budgets. Our fees are structured on an hourly rate. The amount of hours billed will depend on how many campaigns and ads are being managed.

The first few months will require more hours due to the setup of ad accounts (where necessary), research needed to find the best possible keywords for your brand and audience, as well as making any necessary changes.

Facebook requires payment for ad spend paid directly to them. We will set up your payment details when creating your advertising accounts.

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